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Ceril N Domace


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Ceril N Domace is an accountant, the owner of an improbable number of cloaks, and a dedicated dungeon master.

As a lover of fiction works great and small, Ceril has been reading age-inappropriate fiction since her father failed to pull The Silmarillion from her grubby little fingers at age five. As a grown-up accountant, her spreadsheet compiling gives her plenty of time to make plans for a fantastic world that isn’t plagued by balance sheets . . . and also has dragons.

On the rare occasions she manages to free herself from an ever-growing and complex web of TTRPG, Ceril enjoys taking walks and griping that all her hobbies are work in disguise.

Check out the Fae Queen's Court tab for more information about the fae and the Tearmann haven!

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The Master of Fortitude, the largest city in the Flying Isles, has been robbed.

Normally, this wouldn’t concern Edward Bardsley. He’s an alchemist and surgeon on a small privateering vessel, and there are much larger and better equipped ships in Fortitude. It only becomes his concern when his crew is commissioned to retrieve the master’s stolen property. It’s not going to be easy. Between storms, inexperience, and secrets that could see Edward exiled from the skies the way his father was, just getting to the thief’s hideout is enough to test the hardiest crew.

Thrust into the middle of an adventure that will take him from one end of the Flying Isles to the other, Edward must use every ounce of his alchemical and sailing knowledge to keep the crew intact as they inch closer to their goal.

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"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"


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