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Curious about my published work? Interested in what I'm planning on doing next? Well, you've come to the right place! Here, you'll find the books I've already published and the books I'm planning on publishing in the near-off future. Do with this information what you will and then check out the Fae Queen's Court tab for art and lore about that world.



APRIL 30TH 2021

Most people think the fae are gone. Most people are wrong.

Owen Williams wakes after a horrific car accident to find his wife is dead—and somehow turned into a gryphon—and their kids gone after a home invasion turned horribly wrong. Shattered and reeling, he vows to do whatever it takes to find them.

When a fae scout appears and promises to reunite him with his kids, he doesn’t hesitate before joining her. But she warns him that if he wants to protect his family, he must follow the fae to their city, the hidden haven of Tearmann.

With enemies on the horizon, Owen needs to set aside his fears and take up arms to defend their new home alongside the people he’s always been taught were monsters—or he’ll lose everyone he’s trying to protect.

Content Warnings: character death, violence, and racism against non-humans.

Ebook - Avalon 01_edited_edited.jpg


MAY 28TH, 2022

The fae are on the brink of war.

It’s been nearly a year since the Battle of Tearmann. With their last legitimate trade routes cut off, the fae increasingly rely on the Corps away teams to get essential supplies. Owen Williams, now a Corps member, has spent the last ten months running the border to get the haven what it needs to survive. But his last mission nearly killed him and his decision to join the corps threatened his fragile relationship with his family—a relationship that was already stressed to the breaking point by his son’s death.

But after Percill, a battleborn vampire, reveals the location of a group of the fae captives, the corps leadership makes it clear that there isn’t much they won’t do to rescue them. When Percill refuses to say more without a guarantee that Owen will be on the team that rescues them, Owen agrees even though going on this mission could shatter what’s left of his family.

Success means he gets to retire a hero and go home to his family. However, failure wouldn’t just risk the captives, but could end with him held alongside them and separated from his family forever.

Content Warnings: character death, violence, minor body horror, medical experimentation, dehumanization, and racism against non-humans.

Ebook - Hiraeth 01.jpg


APRIL 26TH, 2023

War has come for the fae.

When Owen Williams became a vampire, the world as he knew it shattered. The fae and the United States militaries are fighting in city streets and he is helpless to stop it. As Beira and her generals deal with the war’s rapid escalation, Owen is sent back to Tearmann to deal with the flood of refugees that now call it home.

But despite months of training from Beira, Owen still struggles to control his burgeoning vampiric abilities and the hordes of terrified fae in Tearmann threaten to overwhelm him. Then Merlin, the enigmatic resident of Avalon, offers to teach Owen to manage his powers in ways Beira couldn’t. But he has an agenda of his own and he wants Owen’s help in exchange for his knowledge.

After all, the halls of Avalon are in ruins. The beings that walked those halls are gone. If they were restored, Merlin might be able to stop the endless Changes that terrify the humans so much. They could bring peace to the beleaguered fae… or awaken things hidden deep within Avalon and lead them into a war worse than ever before.

Copy of The Fae Queen’s Court_20230905_152757_0000.png

The Fae Queen's Court: Collected Edition


The fae aren’t something most people are concerned with. They haven’t been seen outside their havens since the Fae War and the research centers they fought to destroy have all long since been dismantled, so they’ve faded from public consciousness.

However, when Owen Williams’s wife turns into a gryphon and anti-fae forces try to kidnap their children, he’s thrust directly into the middle of the hidden conflict between the fae and the people who want to destroy them. Faced with the risk that his children will become fae like their mother, they must flee their home and seek safety with the fae or be locked away by those who see them as inhuman monsters.

But running won’t protect them forever. Invasion and betrayal threaten the Williams family’s newfound safety, and Owen finds himself on the forefront of a new war. To protect the ones he loves and avert a disaster that could wipe out the fae once and for all, Owen will need to find his place at the fae queen’s court.

This omnibus collects Haven, Avalon, and Hiraeth.


Fortitude's Prize

JANUARY 12TH, 2024

The Master of Fortitude, the largest city in the Flying Isles, has been robbed.

Normally, this wouldn’t concern Edward Bardsley. He’s an alchemist and surgeon on a small privateering vessel, and there are much larger and better equipped ships in Fortitude. It only becomes his concern when his crew is commissioned to retrieve the master’s stolen property. It’s not going to be easy. Between storms, inexperience, and secrets that could see Edward exiled from the skies the way his father was, just getting to the thief’s hideout is enough to test the hardiest crew.

Thrust into the middle of an adventure that will take him from one end of the Flying Isles to the other, Edward must use every ounce of his alchemical and sailing knowledge to keep the crew intact as they inch closer to their goal.


Fallen Knight


Leon Quinn has two goals in life: stay out of the reach of the Templesbane and drink himself unconscious whenever he can afford it.

The first is because the Templesbane wiped out his home and family among the Knights Vigilant, destroying everything Leon had dedicated his life to in one night. The second is to help him sleep when the memories of the first overwhelm him.

But he can’t avoid his past forever. His mercenary work has brought him back to Mezeldwelf, the city he fled to after the downfall of the Knights Vigilant, and to his estranged father just in time to get embroiled in a scheme that threatens the very foundation of the city. A scheme that could see Mezeldwelf, its people, and its gods handed over to the Templesbane.

To protect the city and man that adopted him, Leon will need to confront the ruins of the life he left behind and the horrors that threaten the life he’s cobbled together since then.

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Custom Tea Blends

Tea blends inspired by the world and characters of the Fae Queen's Court

Beira's Evening Blend

Beira's Evening Brew.jpg

The preferred afternoon blend of the fae queen herself.

Made from Black Tea, Lavender, Orange, Chamomile, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Rose Petals, Natural Bergamot Flavor, Natural Creme Flavor & Rose Flavor. Brewed best for three minutes in freshly boiled water.

Owen's Long Day

Owen's Long Day Tea.jpg

After a long day of chasing the kids around and working in his shop, Owen likes to relax with a nice cup of tea and a book.

Made from Black Tea, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Rose Petals, Natural Hibiscus Flavor & Rose Flavor. Brewed best for four minutes in freshly boiled water.

Tearmann Market Special

Tearmann Market Special.jpg

A popular blend in the Tearmann marketplace.

Made from Assam Melody Tea, Ceylon Sonata Tea, Black Tea, Natural Creme Flavor & Natural Vanilla Flavor. Brewed best for three minutes in freshly boiled water.

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